Quality and Environment

Our company policy is based on the production of a sustainable quality. The technologies that are used and our competences make possible to produce high-performance products in compliance with the current regulations regarding the environment and safety at work.

CFG has implemented an integrated system of quality management and environment that takes into account social, environmental and economic aspects. Business processes are optimized to reduce energy consumption for raw materials processing and to promote careful waste management geared towards their reduction and reuse.

  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Health and safety at work

We follow the guidelines dictated by international quality systems to ensure excellence in all the stages of the work process.

In 2019, CFG srl became a “green” company, consuming energy exclusively from renewable sources.
The origin of the green energy that the company uses is certified through Axpo’s Guarantees of Origin certification scheme. Choosing energy produced from renewable sources means effectively reducing the polluting impact of the energy system, while preserving environmental resources.

Obtaining a GO, European guarantee of origin certifying the renewable origin of the energy consumed, is a great step forward in increasing attention to the environment and is a very valuable choice for a company like CFG, that is growing daily without forgetting the territory and its frailties.

Do you wonder how many tons of CO 2 are avoided in this way? The answer is simple and is based on real numbers: for example, a company with an annual consumption of 5,000,000 kWh will avoid releasing up to 1,590 tons of CO 2 into the atmosphere for an approximate cost of €10,000 for the GO. This is a genuine environmental revolution, in which CFG wants to participate.

“La mia attività rispetta l’ambiente. Noi usiamo 100% Energia da Fonte Rinnovabile”

Certifications, directives and authorizations:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015
  • A.I.A.


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